Welcome to The Cathedrals Group

The Cathedrals Group is an association of sixteen universities and university colleges with Church foundations. It is the only grouping in the UK higher education landscape based on ethical principles informed by faith-based values. Members share a common faith heritage and a strong commitment to values such as social justice, respect for the individual and promoting the public good through our work with communities and charities.

Within Cathedrals Group institutions there is a strong commitment to providing a high quality education for students, supporting personal and spiritual development within a challenging learning environment. Our faith-based values:

  • Contribute to a 'whole person' student experience
  • Support a positive working environment for staff
  • Link with research and knowledge exchange activities, and
  • Shape our partnerships and community engagement.

Our Member institutions make a significant contribution to the intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual and economic life of the communities they serve.

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Our Church Partners

We continue to have close links with the three Christian churches responsible for establishing our universities and colleges: the Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Methodist Church.


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